Saturday, December 15, 2007

Grails Up(to)date

Grails is getting ready for release 1.0. The release candidate RC3 is the current stable release. It is worth giving it a try to know all significant additions, fixes and changes went into this release after the last major release 0.6.

Grails 1.0 RCn Ships with:
  • Groovy 1.5 (Grails 0.6 shipped with 1.1-beta-3-SNAPSHOT)
  • Spring 2.5 (Grails 0.6 shipped with 2.0.2)
Some of Noteworthy changes and additions include:
  • The generated Config.groovy (grails application configuration) under config has added mime type configurations and war dependency configurations in addition to log4j configurations. Also has added support to specify additional config files that get merged into this main config file.

  • The generated DataSource.groovy under config has added default hibernate cache configurations in addition to environment DataSource configurations.

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