Saturday, September 13, 2014

SpringOne2GX-2014 - Opening Day

Though, I started blogging long ago on Spring, Groovy, Grails technologies and best practices I learn and practice, I did not write any blog post for many many years. I felt like sharing my SpringOne2GX-2014 experience by writing a post after this awesome conference I attended this year. I also have been to SpringOne2GX in 2012 and 2013.

It was another great experience at the SpringOne2GX conference this year. There were NINE tracks this year, more than last year, and there were 4 tracks on Groovy and Grails alone. That shows how much of traction these two awesome technologies have created among Spring and Java Developer Community. It was great seeing many developers are now really using Groovy and Grails in Production applications. The misconception of groovy-is-not-production-ready has almost faded away among the community. I was glad to see more and more developers who haven't yet experienced but showing more interest to get into these two wonderful pair of JVM language and rapid application development framework.

This year's 9 tracks: 1. Core Spring 2. Data Integration 3. Web & JavaScript 4. Applied Spring 5. Big Data 6. Core Groovy 7. More Groovy Track 8. Essential Grails 9. G & G Special Topics.

The location was also great, Omni Dallas Hotel in Dallas downtown. It was my first trip to Dallas and being a Bostonian, I felt it was extremely hot, touching 99F and humid in Sep ;)

Day-1 Keynote

SpringOne2GX - 2014
The Keynote this year was centered around Spring Boot and Reactor technologies. A demo of Spring Boot application which fits into a tweet (a well formatted code in 140 characters) was amazing and showed how much of boilerplate code it takes away from the Spring Developer. Of course, Spring is all about eliminating boilerplate code. After that, the Demo of a simple, fully functional CRUD and RESTFul single domain object Grails application that fits into a tweet (again, a well formatted code in 140 characters) simply blew my mind. That was an AHA moment for me. I remember my first SpringOne conference in 2006, there were just a few sessions on Groovy and dynamic languages. Having experienced Ruby-on-Rails at that time, I was hoping to see more and more Convention over Configuration paradigm in Java and Spring Frameworks. Now many neat things that have been around in other languages and frameworks for awhile are possible on the JVM, and are possible even in a better way. Java programming now is more and more Agile and Fun with Spring than ever.

From my notes on Keynote:

  • Spring Boot is the central execution layer of Spring IO
  • Groovy 2.4 will support Android fully
  • Coming versions of Grails (3.0) are going to be complete rewrite and will be based on Spring Boot.

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